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18-Month Actor Singer Diploma

18-Month Diploma ‘Actor- Singer’ 

This pioneering new course offers aspiring performers the chance to focus intensively on acting training for one year, followed by further studies in all aspects required to become a fully rounded Actor-Singer. The objective of this course is to train performers as straight actors separately and before continuing their training in Musical Theatre.

Please note that although we encourage you to begin your training with the intensive acting component, that the 18-month can also be reversed for those students who have completed their Musical Theatre training with us.

Course benefits:

– Associated Studios prides itself in understanding and listening to industry requirements. Agents, Casting Directors, Directors and Musical Directors frequently speak about the challenges of finding Actors who can sing and Musical Theatre performers who can act. This course aims to bridge the gap and to allow students the time to study intensively. Separating disciplines for a period of study allows you to focus solely on one aspect of your craft, in order to maximise your growth potential.

– Many performers who train only in Musical Theatre find this limiting to their CV. This course allows Singers to develop as true actors, and actors to fulfil their potential as singers. Many jobs require actors who can sing and singers who can act.

– The 6 months of acting training away from the challenges provided by the needs of mastering your singing technique and the demands of music, allowing you to focus entirely on your craft as an actor

– Many Musical Theatre courses allow only limited time for performers to explore deeply and systematically the craft of acting. Musical Theatre graduates frequently fail to meet the demands of the industry in their ability to connect to text

– The intensive 6 months in Acting prepares you for a career in a variety of media including theatre, television, film and radio. A further year devoted to training you in Musical Theatre, allows you to continue building on your acting skills, whilst developing your singing and dance abilities. You will be trained as versatile and all-round actors, skilled and confident in your craft.

– The Acting training encourages you as performers who are present, connected to yourselves and the text, able to respond imaginatively to fellow performers and to develop an individual process.

– New Musical Theatre writing increasingly requires actors with good singing voices, rather than singers who can act. Many current successful Musical Theatre performers trained as actors and supplemented their study with singing lessons. This course aims to meet the realities of industry requirements.

– Throughout your training as an actor you will be encouraged to connect to your physical imagination and expressiveness.

– The Course Director is Founding Principal of Associated Studios and West End Vocal Coach Leontine Hass (www.leontinehass.com). As a vocal coach, she understands how difficult it is to master your skills in singing, voice, dance, movement and acting, if expected to develop all of these disciplines simultaneously. Students are frequently asked by Directors to ‘forget about the voice and just connect to the text’. However, although the ultimate goal for a singer is to allow acting choices to dictate vocal choices, this is unrealistic for students who have not been allowed the time required to develop one aspect of their craft intensively.

 – Whilst training as actors, you will begin your vocal training on a purely technical level. This allows you to train without the pressures of having to perfect your skills simultaneously and allows for more intensive and authentic training.

– Courses at Associated Studios provide unparalleled individual attention in order to develop you as a person, as an individual and as an artist. You will need to be prepared to work hard, push yourself to the limit and be available to grow and learn.

– All our coaches are leading industry practitioners including Directors, Musical Directors, Vocal Coaches, Movement Coaches, Choreographers, Writers, Composers and experienced Performers (see Meet the Team on our website).

Acting Course Outline

 Performers will be guided through the course with the following objectives: 

·         Discovering who you are as an artist and taking ownership of that

·         Developing a practice to navigate through text and improvisation that is grounded in truthful behaviour.

·         Freeing your voice and body through the process of constantly re-activating your imagination and connecting to your impulses.

·         Understanding and practising the principles of being a professional working actor and the work ethic required for a successful career 

Acting classes include: 

·         Movement classes including Laban, Improvisation, Expressive Movement and working on your body including how to move on stage and in space

·         Script Analysis

·         Improvisation Classes encouraging your creativity, spontaneity and ability to respond authentically

·         Sensory Awareness

·         Meisner Technique

·         Alexander Technique

·         Scene Study including work on classical and modern repertoire, Shakespeare, Chekhov and contemporary classics

·         Classes to explore sight-reading, self-taping, and screen work

·         Voice/Accent work

·         Singing Technique

·         The Business of Acting

Year 2 Musical Theatre Course Outline

 Singing and Performance Classes include:

Acting through Song classes with leading Musical Directors, Performance Coaches and Directors 

·         Vocal Technique classes building the vocal, physical and mental stamina required to succeed in a competitive business as well as encouraging a rigorous practice regime

·         Repertoire classes to learn how to choose successful repertoire, put together a winning audition repertoire folder, and discover and develop your unique selling point and casting

·         ‘Working Sessions’ with Musical Directors and Vocal Coaches allowing you to have your repertoire and backing tracks recorded and worked on in a relaxed and productive environment

·         32-Bar classes teaching you how to cut songs appropriately and how to give of your best in a short space of time

·         Mock Audition classes focusing on choosing two contrasting songs for the shows in the standard repertoire (one show at a time). These classes develop your presentation skills, build your Audition Rep folder, develop your ability to make specific artistic and musical choices and teach you to ‘lengthen your long rope’.

·         Composer project classes focusing on particular Musical Theatre composers and teaching you style, performance history and furthering your knowledge of Musical Theatre History

·         Performance confidence classes addressing the fact that many performers deal with anxiety, stage fright and lack of confidence. These sessions allow you to work through these challenges in a supportive and safe environment.

·         One to one singing lessons with leading vocal coaches.

Dance and Movements classes include:

·         Ballet classes

·         Jazz classes

·         Tap classes

·         Musical Theatre Routine Classes

·         Alexander Technique

·         Pilates Classes

Industry classes include:

·         Sessions with Agents, Casting Directors and Industry experts

·         Marketing classes teaching you how to write a good industry standard CV, getting your head shots right, agents, theatre terminology and other skills

Projects throughout the course include:

·         A public production. The show will be performed in a theatre after a production period of approximately six weeks. In this time all regular classes will be suspended and replaced by company rehearsals

·         Recording a demo for use for Spotlight and self-promotion

·         Song & Dance Project

·         A showing for Agents and Casting Directors

·         Industry Panels

·         The performance of a Cabaret

·         New writing projects working with leading contemporary Musical Theatre Composers

 The Associated Studios ‘Singer-Actor’ Diploma

Students will be assessed in classes and projects throughout the course and marked accordingly. Those students who successfully achieve the required standard will be awarded an Associated Studios Diploma.

To apply:

Please apply by clicking on ‘APPLY NOW’. Alternatively, you can e-mail your CV, headshot and a covering letter to info@associatedstudios.co.uk

Individual Audition Fee: £40 (non-refundable)

Please prepare two contrasting monologues (one classical and one contemporary) and one Musical Theatre song . The song and the monologue should be no longer than 3 mins each.

Associated Studios is a young school, founded by Principal Leontine Hass in 2007.  In that time Associated Studios has paved a path for excellence in teaching, delivering course content which reflects industry requirements and passionately providing attention to the creative journeys of individuals. Recent graduates of Associated Studios have worked for BBC television, ITV, Channel 4, the National Theatre and secured leads and ensemble roles in London’s top theatres. Many Associated Studios alumni are now well-known actors and singers. Some have taken up producing, writing and directing, enjoying notable careers.

Our patrons, Jeremy Irons, Sir Tim Rice, Rory Bremner, Timothy West, Jeremy Herrin, Scott Alan and Rosalind Plowright OBE are hands on and often teach at the Studio. Masterclasses have included the likes of Patrick Stewart, Peter Kosminski, Hugh Grant, Jeremy Irons, Simon Cowell, Sir Richard Eyre, Timothy West and many more.

One of the distinctive features of training at Associated Studios is that we are committed to only accepting a small intake of students. Year groups are strictly limited to 12-18. Associated Studios buildings are unpretentious offering a comfortable, bright working environment. We are a small organization led by eminent creatives and industry practitioners, providing accessible training to a diverse range of talented, aspiring performers.


Start Date: Wednesday 12th February 2020

1st Part of the Course: 6-Month (Part-time) Intensive in Acting February 2020 – August 2020

Wednesdays: 09.30 – 17.30
Thursdays: 09.30 – 17.30
Fridays: 09.30 – 17.30

2nd Part of the Course: 1-Year (Full-time) Intensive Diploma in Musical Theatre
September 2020 – July 2021

Mondays: 09.30 – 17.30
Tuesdays: 09.30 – 17.30
Wednesdays: 09.30 – 17.30
Thursdays: 09.30 – 17.30

Term Dates: Please click here to view the full course term dates.

Fee: £16,650.00 for the full course

Finance: Interest free instalment plans available

Entry: Via audition / Overseas: Videos accepted