Musical Theatre Course Auditions

February 20, 2022
June 17, 2022
Musical Theatre Course Auditions

For those aspiring performers who want to spend a couple of exhilarating years studying to become professional Musical Theatre performers at one of the top boutique Drama schools in the UK, get your audition tapes in for our first-round auditions by 31st January 2024.


You are required to send in two contrasting Musical Theatre songs and one short monologue. Each item should be no longer than3mins each. You will be invited to a Zoom interview. Successful applicants will be invited back for a Dance, Singing and Acting workshop at Associated Studios.


Here are some tips for your self-tapes:

Choose contrasting songs. For example: one song might be a 'legit' Musical Theatre song that may be sung in a more legit/ classical style. Examples would include pre-1960's songs from shows such as Sunset Boulevard, My Fair Lady, Carousel, Kiss Me Kate, Oklahoma, West Side Story and more. Your second song would ideally be in a different voice quality to the first song and also written by a different composer from another genre/era.


Examples might include songs from Waitress, Ghost, Big Fish, Bridges of Maddison County, Wild Party, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Anastasia, Hair, 9 to 5, In The Heights, Next To Normal, Rent, Dear Evan Hansen, Tick, Tick, Boom! and more. Have a look at shows which were written post 1960. Please also consider whether you are showing that you can sing in a variety of vocal genres such as legit, mix or belt.


-Make sure you are well lit in your audition self tape. We do not need to see your full body. The upper half will do. Most importantly your face needs to be well lit. Try to film the video in front of a neutral background. Have your hair away from your face. Make sure the sound quality is reasonable.

-Make sure you have a good quality backing track. There are good backing tracks available on YouTube and Spotify. You can also ask a Musical Director to record your backing track. If you do not have contact with a good coach or Musical Director, please write to the AS office on and we will send you a list of MDs.

-Make sure you learn the songs from the sheet music and not from the recording.

-Keep your eyes open. Have an accessible and expressive face and use your eyes.

-Listen to the whole show and understand the context of your song. You should research the show and know a little about the composer and the lyricist. You should also know the journey of your character.


When choosing audition songs, ask yourself the following questions:

Is the song appropriate casting for you?

Can you relate to the emotional journey of the song, and can you relate to the character?

Can you sing all the notes in the song? An audition is not a time to stretch yourself. You should be able to confidently perform your song and be up to the vocal challenges it presents.

What is the journey in the song? Make specific acting choices and give yourself a start, a middle and an end.


When choosing your monologue:

Does the monologue allow you to show more than one emotion or state?

Can you relate to the character?

Try not to 'display' your acting. Be the character.

If you would like more Audition Tips please go to our Facebook page and scroll down to find the video session on Drama school audition tips recorded by Principal Leontine Hass and Deputy Principal Scott Harrison.