Returning To Musical Theatre... Back To Life

March 28, 2019
June 17, 2022
Returning To Musical Theatre... Back To Life

Contributed as Part of Our Students Testimonials Series

I recently started the 4 Month Advanced Musical Theatre Course at Associated Studios. Only being 7 weeks into the course, I can say that I’m very impressed with the standard of the classes, directors I’ve worked with and the focus of the curriculum. I had taken a break from performing after being lulled into desiring more security from my work life. The dependable paycheque that allows for holidays, travel, planning, dinners and all the luxuries that come with it… After a few years of this, I realised something was missing. I changed jobs and tried a different sector. Again after time, something wasn’t quite as rewarding as I’d hoped. The money certainly wasn’t a source of happiness, perhaps the opposite to be honest.

After swallowing the hard pill of realising what I really wanted from life, I took a year to get myself back in shape and prepare for what was definitely going to happen, whether it killed me or not. I wanted to begin auditioning again and to live my life as a performer. I’d rather be restricted financially yet fulfilled than live a life as the empty shell I was becoming. Every film I watched, every play I attended had become a source of torture… a display that reminded me of my bad decisions, reminded me that I give up. When push comes to shove, I believed I would give up.

Now. That is not me. The very idea of this was breaking my heart and breaking my relationships. (not to mention my poor little liver…)

I gathered my thoughts, bite down and went for it. After having a few private lessons with Leontine Hass, I was filled with that same old feeling, the burning desire to be the best performer I can be. After some research for short courses that would help me re-enter the performing world, I had many recommendations from old friends that suggested Associated Studios. What luck that Leo was my teacher! We spoke for some time about the course. I auditioned and managed to secure a place.

I’ve had previous success. Nothing to really cause a parade but I had worked professionally for a few years. I’ve also had previous professional training and I can whole heartedly say the ‘Acting Through Song’ classes at Associated Studios are great! They’re with current industry professionals, they call me out on my bad habits and know what to suggest to really get the specifics out of the song. The Dance classes are strong, long and break my stiff soul. The Acting classes have managed to get my mind connected with the text again. It’s safe to say, I’m loving it! I feel more confident now than I ever expected.

Associated Studios is very handy to get to, 5 minutes from Barons Court station. My course runs on Sundays and Mondays so I can fit it in around my busy schedule.

A massive thanks for Leontine and the rest of the team…

Let’s see what happens at the showcase. Hopefully this is the before to a great story of “After”.