Why Us?

The United Kingdom is blessed with many wonderful Drama schools. We want to tell you what makes us different. It is always important to audition at various schools, to get a feel for each school and go to the place which you believe is the best match for you as an individual.


Do not give up if you don’t get a place. Try again the following year and take on as much of the constructive feedback the audition panel gave you as possible.


What makes Associated Studios different?

Associated Studios is a small and prestigious school. We have no desire to grow into a large campus. We prefer to train small numbers of students to the best of our ability. The size of the school is similar to a production company for a show. Students, Staff and Coaches are in close contact and it is a family/ company environment.

Our training is purely vocational. Our objective is to train the next generation of working, successful performers. We have an excellent track record of alumni succeeding in gaining lead roles internationally, on tour and in the West End. We train artists.

Associated Studios Group Photo
Leontine Teaching

The Principal and Founder of Associated Studios is renowned West End/ International Vocal Coach Leontine Hass. Leontine works in the industry and is passionate about working with and developing training performers, as well as seasoned professionals. Associated Studios has built a considerable reputation in training performers with outstanding singing ability. All Vocal Coaches at Associated Studios are top in their field.

Dance classes at Associated Studios are streamed. Although not primarily a Dance school, we understand that Dance is of utmost importance. Our Dance teachers are second to none. As we also attract a lot of professional Dancers who want to take their training as all-round artists further, we stream Dance classes to accommodate different abilities. Most of our Dance teachers are West End performers who will teach you technique as well as routines from the top shows.


We have a ‘Modular course structure’ at Associated Studios. Most courses can be taken on a full-time or a part-time basis. For example, a student can study two days a week for 2 years, rather than taking a one-year full-time course. Many courses can also be taken for either the Autumn or the Spring Term. Although many students choose to study with us full-time, there are those who can only participate whilst continuing to work in part-time employment. We make it possible.

As we feel passionate about allowing talented performers who have no financial support to train, our courses are slightly cheaper than those of most of our competitors. Furthermore, we allow students to pay by interest-free payment instalment plans over the length of the course.

Associated Studios is passionate about supporting the mental health of its students. Lack of confidence and issues such as anxiety affect numerous performers. We have an open-door policy. Both the Principal and the management team are at the ready with a cup of tea and a chat, when things get ‘too much’. We encourage positive mental health strategies and include ‘mental health strategies and self-management’ as part of our training.

Singing Profile Photo

Our teaching staff are made up of top industry professionals working in the industry now. We support our impressive offering of Theatre practitioners such as established Musical Directors, Directors, Agents, Casting Directors, Vocal Coaches, Performers and Choreographers by enabling them to teach for us ‘in-between’ shows and professional work commitments. Our flexible approach to timetabling and Staffing means the Students work with the best. As most of our coaches have worked for and with us for many years, there is a strong sense of team.

We pride ourselves in having a flexible approach with our curriculum. This means we timetable specifically for each student cohort. Every tutor cares about all our students, their individuality and unique needs learning requirements.

 We are based in a gorgeous 3-story terrace building in Latimer Rd, Kensington. Just a 10 mins tube ride to the West End and 5 mins walk from the hustle and bustle of Portobello Rd market in Notting Hill. The building has wooden floors, white walls, pianos, feels very much like a home and the students love it.

We have a vibrant sister school in Melbourne Australia and there have already been wonderful creative exchanges. Three of our London alumni have featured as Leads in shows all over Australia including Chicago, Come from Away, Cats and Singing in the Rain.

As an organisation we have a philanthropic and creative approach which includes some wonderful outreach projects. Associated Studios have gone into Feltham Young Offenders prison to deliver vocal workshops to the inmates, we have regularly participated in ‘Crisis for Christmas’, delivering Drama workshops to the homeless, including on Christmas day, we have sung on the wards of hospitals and we have given out bursaries to many extremely talented performers who have since featured as Leads in shows such as Lion King, Motown, Come from Away, Thriller, Hairspray, Kinky Boots and more.

We are a family and a network for life. Many alumni return and chat to the current students or even teach them specific show material, after a few years out in the industry. Our alumni are frequently in touch and come back to participate in masterclasses or take part-time courses to sharpen their game if they feel they need to re-focus.

Group Musical Photo

Our full-time students take part in a full-scale production. The entire third term of the Intensive Diploma and MA Musical Theatre is a production term. We rehearse as a production company would and the show is performed in a professional London theatre.

 We are proud that our Industry showcases attract many agents and casting directors, including some of the most highly respected and established agents in London, who turn up to support and offer representation to our students.

 We enjoy consistent and hands-on support from many industry luminaries including Performers, Agents and Casting Directors, as well as our patrons Tim Rice, Rory Bremner, Jeremy Irons, Tim West, Danielle Tarento, Scott Alan, Rosalinde Plowright OBE, and Alastair Lindsey-Renton.