David Williams


David Williams has over 20 years of experience in commercial finance, most notably with Wall Street investment bank Morgan Stanley. Latterly, his interest expanded to encompass individual personal and professional development to improve organizational success.

With a degree in Physics from Oxford University, an affinity for numbers and an inquiring mind took David to the international audit practice of KPMG where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. But it was a passion for markets that directed his next career move when David became an analyst of stock markets with his job requiring him to ‘pick winners’ from multi-national companies through dissecting business plans, interrogating senior management, and valuing businesses.

Alongside this, David had a passion for food and restaurants running one of the country’s most successful food blogs during the ‘golden years of food blogging. His financial expertise and his love of restaurants serendipitously came together when chefs sought out his help in developing strategic and financial plans for their restaurants. This in turn became his full-time business. But realizing that the personal development of the management team was as important as the development of the business plan itself, David’s practice expanded to include executive and personal coaching to provide a holistic route to enterprise success.

Following the damage inflicted on the world of hospitality by successive lockdowns, David’s focus currently is helping those businesses get back on their feet.