New Course Announcement

January 29, 2020
June 17, 2022
New Course Announcement

We are incredibly proud to be able to launch an MA Musical Theatre Performance from September 2020. Associated Studios specialises in ‘post-graduate’ vocational training and it is at the very core of what we do. Unlike other institutions who focus their energies mostly on their BA or undergraduate training in Musical Theatre, Associated Studios are proud of having a history of refining the existing skills of Actors, Dancers and Singers at a point in their careers where they have some experience behind them, but need to be thrown into full-time, expert and intensive training with top-level practitioners, in order to be catapulted to the next level in their careers. The results we have achieved with performers who have joined us to complete their training have been impressive. A string of Associated Studios alumni have secured contracts for West End Lead roles, as well as Leads in UK Tours.

On the MA Musical Theatre Performance students will work with eminent industry professionals. The days will mostly be split equally between Singing, Dance and Acting. There will be Masterclasses, performance projects, a West End industry showcase and a public production in a professional theatre.

An MA is a significant achievement and a much deserved accolade for performers who have reached a certain level of achievement in their skill sets. Associated Studios are passionate about the integrity of their training, especially in an industry fraught with insecurity, disappointments and a saturation of performers with not enough work to go around. Although the training at Associated Studios is purely vocational as opposed to academic, we feel strongly that performers deserve formal recognition for their advanced level of training, the many hours of hard work and the many years of training they have put in. Training as a performer never stops. It is a lifelong process and a lifelong commitment.

Applicants will be considered who have completed a BA in any subject and have the required skill level in Singing, Dance and Acting with the potential to work in the Musical Theatre industry . Applicants with no BA ,who have 5 years professional experience, may also be considered. Application is by audition.

Although this course is still formally ‘subject to validation’, the University have now given the green light to start publicising the news and validation should be complete imminently.

Applications are now open. Find out more here