Musical Theatre Sunday Sessions

Musical Theatre Sunday Sessions
Audition Preparation

Musical Theatre Sunday Sessions is a course that provides you with the foundational techniques required to begin your journey as a professional Musical Theatre artist. Looking at the various disciplines of the Musical Theatre performer, you will gain knowledge and experience in the techniques used by West End and International artists. You will also begin to consider your own casting type and gain songs and monologues to show you off to the best of your ability. This particular term will focus on audition technique and preparation.

The Development courses offered by Associated Studios employ the same highly experienced coaching staff who teach on the more advanced courses.


  • Applicants must be 18 or over to apply
  • Performers wishing to audition for drama schools
  • Less experienced performers who need to build the essential skills for Musical Theatre performance
  • Performers with one strong element, who wish to develop as a triple threat performer
  • Applicants with extensive amateur dramatic experience looking to develop into a professional performer
  • Performers looking to gain audition technique in preparation for full-time training


Throughout the course you will work on developing a strong foundational technique in the craft of Acting, Singing and Dance. You will be given the opportunity to perform every week and gain feedback by staff, industry professionals and leading West End artists, to help develop your skills and improve your audition techniques. 

Acting lies at the heart of every good Musical Theatre performance. In your development year at Associated Studios you will learn how to build your understanding of how to reach your acting potential. You will do this through working with Directors and Actors/Acting Practitioners who will use a range of classes and techniques to help you discover how to harness the power of drama.

Areas of work may include:

  • Text Class:Including work on the seminal classical and contemporary playwrights which may include Shakespeare, Chekov, Ibsen, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Pinter and David Hare.
  • Acting Technique:Looking at the approach of practitioners such as Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Stanford Meisner and Mike Alfreds. You will create a tool-box of techniques you can draw on to create a truthful performance.
  • Monologues: You will explore how to choose and perform monologues suitable for acting and musical theatre auditions.
  • Scene Study: Putting your technical skills into practice, you will work on scenes from set plays with a director.

Singing and Music:
The study of singing and music is fundamental to developing into a professional Musical Theatre Artist. The Development year is about understanding your singing voice and building the strength and flexibility required to perform consistently. You will also develop your versatility for approaching different styles of Musical Theatre from ‘legit’ classical MT and Operetta through to Contemporary Musicals and Pop/Rock. You will work with a number of Musical Directors, Singing Teachers, Directors, Movement Directors, Vocal Coaches and Composers.

Areas of work may include:

  • Vocal Technique: You will build the vocal, physical and mental strength, flexibility and stamina required to succeed in the competitive singing industry, through establishing a rigorous practice regime.
  • Repertoire: Learn how to find appropriate songs from across the breadth of the Musical Theatre genre. Understand how to cut and present sheet music required for professional auditions.
  • Vocal Performance: Work with Musical, Movement and Acting Directors to develop your individual performance by acting through song.
  • Audition Technique: Working with the staff, you will gain greater understanding of the techniques behind successful singing auditions for further study.
  • Performance Confidence: Work through the common problems of anxiety and lack of confidence in a safe, nurturing environment.
  • Ensemble Singing: Learning to sing as part of a group.

Dance and Movement:
Building your understanding of dance and movement will underpin the physical work required for the other disciplines. Dance classes aim to bring you up to the standard required to successfully audition for further full-time training. As well as undertaking work to condition your body to be at its peak fitness, you will learn to use your technique to adapt into different dance styles and genres, learning how to connect your acting to your movement and vice versa. You will work with a range of Dance Practitioners, Choreographers and Movement experts on a range of classes to give you a rounded experience through your year.

Areas of work may include:

  • Dance Technique: You will work on a range of dance techniques from Ballet to Jazz and Contemporary Dance. Building your language of the body and how to use it.
  • Musical Theatre Routine:Working with choreographers and current industry performers, you will explore the different styles and genres of dance and movement within the world of Musical Theatre which may include work inspired by choreographers and practitioners including: Agnes de Mille, Bob Fosse, Gene Kelly, Michael Bennett, Jerome Robbins, Twyla Tharp and Matthew Bourne.

*please note all course content is subject to change.


  • £900 for a 10 week course. (£820 if you book before 17th December 2018
  • Following acceptance of an offer to join the course, the deposit for the course is 25% of the full agreed fee
  • Course fees may be paid in instalments.


Start Date: Sunday 20th January 2019

Should you be interested in this course but unable to attend all sessions, please contact the office on 0207 385 2038 or email

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  • Sundays: 13:00 – 20:00

Fee: £900.00
Early Bird Fee: £820.00 (Book before 17th December 2018)

Finance: Interest free instalment plans available

Entry: No audition necessary based on CV and performance experience.