Covid-19 Statement

Last Updated: 4 November 2020

In response to the government’s announcement regarding the lockdown commencing 5th of November, we have introduced additional safety measures at Associated Studios, on top of the measures currently in place.

Associated Studios will remain open through lockdown and continue to offer its regular class schedule to those students currently enrolled on Diploma and MA courses. We have adapted our operation to provide a blended curriculum in order to deliver a high standard of personalised education, in line with our mission to provide industry leading Musical Theatre training.

On-Site Covid-19 Restrictions and Policies

Upon arrival, all staff and students must sanitise in addition to receiving a temperature check. Anyone whose temperature is over 37.8º C will be refused entry to the building. Masking is mandatory when arriving and moving around the building. It is recommended that staff and students wear masks when possible.

If students or staff develop any symptoms or feel unwell, they must not attend classes in person and must wait until they receive a negative Covid-19 test result. Online/streamed versions of all classes are available for students when they cannot attend classes in person.

When moving around the building and receiving in person training, all students and staff must adhere to social distancing guidelines. Where possible distancing will be kept at 2 meters, with a minimum of 1 meter plus. 

Windows and doors to classrooms will be kept open when possible to ensure a flow of fresh air is circulated through each studio space. Enhanced cleaning is also taking place throughout the building. Any studios where dance classes or movement based training take place have scheduled cleaning between classes throughout the day to reduce any transmission.

Ensemble singing, Singing Lessons and Vocal technique classes are being undertaken virtually to reduce the risk of transmission and exposure to Covid-19.

If  you have any concerns regarding Covid-19 at Associuated Studios, please email us or call us on 020 7385 2038.