18-Month ‘Actor- Singer’ Diploma

1st Year: Part-time (3 Days a week)
2nd Year: Full-time

Commences: February 2020

6-Month Intensive in Acting

Part-time (3 Days a week)

Commences: February 2020

I passionately believe that professional actors should NEVER stop their training!  In the UK the graduation from drama school signals the end of training. It takes a very short time for professional actors to develop bad habits and these, unknowingly, become inbedded. We can become lazy! An actor expresses through mind, body and voice. Each must  ALWAYS be finely tuned.  Impossible without continued check-ups and hard ongoing work. The Associated Studios provides the professional performing artists with the opportunity for such training work to continue. It is not only necessary but invaluable.

David Suchet